STEALS Headlines

  • Who is stealing all that gasoline in Mexico?

    Around Mexico City, there is a shortage of gasoline.
  • Nancy Pelosi steals the spotlight

    The House speaker is driving the president nuts by doing something he simply cannot abide: She’s stealing the spotlight.
  • Apple, Samsung steal CES 2019

    Commentary: Of course they did.

  • US investigates Huawei for stealing trade secrets

    In a move that signals an increasingly aggressive stance by the U.S. against Huawei, federal authorities in Seattle are investigating the Chinese technology giant for allegedly stealing trade secrets from U.S. partner companies like T-Mobile.

  • Jefferies Sues Cantor For Stealing Dozens Of Employees

    For years, "less than bulge bracket" bank Jefferies was best known for poaching (disgruntled) bankers from its competitors, and did so with gusto. It now turns out that the Dick Handler-headed bank is far less happy when it is on the receiving end. Bloomberg reports that Jefferies Financial Group is suing Cantor Fitzgerald's global and Hong Kong units over the loss of dozens of bankers to the competing New York firm. In addition to suing the brokerage, Jefferies is also suing several employees...

    Zero Hedge
  • Thieves steal 'Belgium's only painting by Michelangelo' from a church

    The striking picture, which was being stored at the St Ludgerus church in the small Flemish town of Zele under pastor Jan Van Raemdonck (pictured), was swiped by brazen thieves last Friday.

    Mail Online