Sam Bradford Headlines

  • Heisman Trophy: Stock soared for 1st-time starting QBs

    Tua Tagovailoa rolled across the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on a black scooter with a little Alabama sticker on the front, his sprained left ankle in a gray plastic boot, safely propped up as he pushed off with his right foot. The Crimson Tide quarterback and fellow Heisman Trophy

    ABC News
  • Graduation rates for bowl-bound football teams up slightly

    The overall graduation rates for athletes on bowl-bound FBS programs continue to climb, though the disparity in the rates between white and African American players widened slightly, according to a study released on Monday. The Institute for Diversity and Ethics and Sport shows in its report that the overall football graduation success rate is up to 79 percent, climbing from 77 percent in 2017. The study found that white players had a 90 percent graduation rate, and black players were at 73...