Sexual harassment Headlines

  • Top Aide to de Blasio Was Quietly Ousted Over Sexual Harassment Claims

    Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the aide for an “outstanding job.” Weeks later, he was forced out after two women accused him of improper behavior.
  • One in three UN workers say they've been sexually harassed

    One third of United Nations staff and contractors feel they were sexually harassed in the last two years, according to a new UN survey. Only 17% of eligible employees replied to the survey, but the results are still striking. UN Secretary-General António Guterres, in a letter to staff, wrote that "the report contains some sobering statistics and evidence of what needs to change to make a harassment-free workplace real for all of us." The online survey, conducted by accounting firm Deloitte in...

  • Dartmouth defends response to sexual misconduct allegations

    Dartmouth College says it quickly moved to investigate sexual misconduct allegations against three former professors once several students filed reports in 2017, a new court filing states. On Tuesday, the college responded for the first time to a federal complaint filed in November against the Ivy League school by seven current and former graduate students who allege three professors created a toxic environment where female students were routinely subjected to sexual harassment and even...

  • Benjamin Brafman, Weinstein’s Lawyer, Is Said to Be Withdrawing From Rape Case

    The move could delay Mr. Weinstein’s trial, which was set to begin in May in Manhattan. He faces charges of rape and sexual assault.
  • One in three UN workers say they have been sexually harassed in past two years

    UN secretary general Antonio Guterres says ‘we still have a long way to go before we are able to openly discuss sexual harassment’ One third of UN staff and contractors experienced sexual harassment in the past two years, according to a report released by the United Nations. The online survey, carried out by Deloitte in November, was completed by 30,364 people from the UN and its agencies – just 17% of those eligible. In a letter to staff, secretary general Antonio Guterres described the...

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  • Bernie Sanders to meet with former campaign staffers about 2016 harassment

    Sen. Bernie Sanders will meet on Wednesday with former staff members who alleged they faced harassment and sexism on his 2016 campaign. A spokesperson for Sanders confirmed the meeting to CNN, which was first reported by BuzzFeed News. The meeting also comes as Sanders is weighing a second presidential bid in 2020. Sanders apologized again last week to the women who have come forward in recent weeks to allege they were sexually harassed while working on his presidential campaign. "What they...

  • R Kelly accuser says rapper threatened to reveal her sexual history in letter

    Faith Rodgers claims Kelly said he would expose details if she didn’t drop a lawsuit as his lawyer says the letter ‘looks fake’ Singer R Kelly wrote a letter threatening to reveal embarrassing details of a woman’s sexual history if she didn’t drop a lawsuit accusing him of sexual abuse, the woman and her lawyer said Monday. In the letter, a person identifying himself as R Kelly warned a lawyer for the woman, Faith Rodgers, that if she persisted with the suit, she would be “subjected to public...

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  • Shareholder sues Alphabet board over handling of harassment

    An Alphabet shareholder is suing the company's board of directors, claiming it helped cover up allegations ofsexual misconduct by former Google executives. The suit was filed by lawyers for shareholder James Martin on Thursday morning in California's San Mateo County Superior Court. The suit alleges that the board "knowingly facilitated sexual harassment" by executives, took part in covering it up by not disclosing the harassment claims and approving multi-million dollar severance packages for...

  • Google board tried to cover up sexual misconduct, shareholders allege

    Alphabet directors provided big severance packages to accused executives to keep their conduct quiet, lawsuit says Alphabet’s board of directors approved outsize severance packages for Google executives accused of sexual harassment in order to cover up a culture of misconduct, a shareholder lawsuit filed Thursday alleged. Minutes from board meetings obtained by attorneys for the shareholder reveal the personal involvement of Alphabet directors in behavior that has harmed the company, the...

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  • The Exclusive That Wasn’t? Publication Retracts Moonves Interview

    Agenda, a news service owned by The Financial Times, published an interview with someone claiming to be Mr. Moonves shortly after he was fired as chief executive of CBS.
  • Board Sued Over Google’s Exit Package for Accused Executive

    A shareholder lawsuit claims the directors of Google’s parent company approved a payout for Andy Rubin, who was accused of sexual harassment, in order to “keep the matter quiet.”
  • Sanders apologizes to women who were 'harassed or mistreated'

    Sen. Bernie Sanders apologized again on Thursday to the women who have come forward in recent weeks to allege they were sexually harassed while working for his 2016 presidential campaign. His apology marks the second time in eight days Sanders has publicly expressed regrets over the chargesand pointed to steps his 2018 Senate campaign took to ensure a more robust reporting structure. On Wednesday, CNN reported his former presidential campaign manager Jeff Weaver would not return in that role if...

  • Bernie Sanders apologises for alleged harassment by male staff during 2016 campaign

    Vermont senator said alleged misconduct by male aides during 2016 presidential campaign ‘was absolutely unacceptable’ Senator Bernie Sanders has apologised to women who have shared experiences of alleged harassment by male supervisors while working on his 2016 US presidential campaign. The Vermont independent, who ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary race, said alleged misconduct by male aides “was absolutely unacceptable and certainly not what a progressive campaign or any...

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  • Bernie Sanders apologizes for sexual harassment in 2016 presidential campaign

    Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., apologized on Wednesday to women who were "harassed or mistreated" while working on his 2016 presidential campaign, following a series of sexual harassment allegations against top male campaign staffers.

  • Female Economists Push Their Field Toward a #MeToo Reckoning

    At the economics profession’s largest annual gathering, women said sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying were pushing them to the sidelines or out of the field altogether.
  • Woman Who Worked on Bernie Sanders's 2016 Campaign Says Adviser Harassed, Forcibly Kissed Her

    There is more depressing reporting out about Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign: the latest sexual harassment allegations, reported by Politico on Wednesday night, concern Robert Becker, the campaign’s deputy national field director, who is alleged to have harassed and forcibly kissed a woman staffer who worked under him.

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  • John Lasseter joins Skydance Media in wake of misconduct allegations

    John Lasseter, the former Disney Animation chief who left the company after he was accused of sexual misconduct, has found a new job. Lasseter will lead the animation arm of Skydance Media, the company announced on Wednesday. Skydance CEO David Ellison said that the company "did not enter into this decision lightly." "John has acknowledged and apologized for his mistakes and, during the past year away from the workplace, has endeavored to address and reform them," Ellison said. Lasseter said he...

  • Ashley Judd's harassment claims against Harvey Weinstein dismissed

    Ashley Judd's multi-pronged legal battle against Harvey Weinstein came to a bit of a crossroads on Wednesday. US District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez dismissed Judd's sexual harassment case against the movie mogul, stating in the ruling obtained by CNN that Judd's legal team had "not adequately alleged that her relationship with Defendant was covered by the statute." But Gutierrez ruled that Judd could move forward with her defamation case against Weinstein, in which she claims he derailed her...

  • Judge Dismisses Part of Ashley Judd’s Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein

    While a federal judge ruled that the actress’s claims of sexual harassment do not fall within the scope of a state statute, he allowed claims of defamation and unfair business practices to proceed.
  • Cate Blanchett on her S&M-themed play: 'I see theatre as a provocation'

    Cate Blanchett has played queens, vagabonds and Bob Dylan. Now the double Oscar-winner is hitting the London stage in an avant garde work about sexual domination – and hinting at a farewell from acting Cate Blanchett strides into the room and plomps herself down on the sofa. In front of us – this is meant to be lunch – a table is piled high with sandwiches, fruit, salads and a copy of the script she has spent all morning rehearsing. She prods at it with a finger, hooting with laughter. “Any...

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  • Post-#MeToo have the likes of Kevin Hart and Aziz Ansari learned from their mistakes?

    Can we expect a new era of equality? Not if the first public utterances by some of the early offenders are anything to go by New year, new start! After all the exciting social upheavals last year such as #MeToo, it’s all change now, right? Diana, by email Oh, Diana. Your optimism is beautiful, shining like a beacon in the apocalyptic wasteland of cynicism in which we now find ourselves. Sadly, snuff it out I must. It was all terribly exciting this time last year, as we watched powerful people...

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  • Police Close Sexual Assault Investigations of Mario Batali

    New York police are said to have closed cases involving three women’s reports that the celebrity chef attacked them in restaurants.
  • Why can companies still silence us with mandatory arbitration?

    More than 55% of the American workforce is now subject to mandatory arbitration. This system of private courts must be abolished When it was revealed in October that Andy Rubin received a $90m exit package after being forced to resign over a credible sexual harassment claim, Google employees around the world walked out in protest. They were disgusted at what appeared to be a reward for bad behavior, and they wanted more accountability for members of management. But they were also angry at the...

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  • Kevin Spacey appeared in Nantucket court to face assault charge

    Actor Kevin Spacey appeared at a Nantucket courthouse to face a charge that he allegedly groped an 18-year-old busboy at a bar on the island. Spacey, the 59-year-old Hollywood actor, was advised that he is being charged with indecent assault and battery, a felony charge that comes with up to five years in prison. He said in a court affidavit last week that he plans to plead not guilty to the charge. Prosecutors asked that he stay away from the alleged victim and his family, and the court agreed....