Stitch Fix Headlines

  • Fixing the environment: when solutions become problems

    In a world where climate change, air and water pollution, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, ozone depletion, and other environmental problems overlap, a fix in one arena can cause trouble in another.
  • Cheap fixes for your TV's awful speakers

    For as little as $10, you can enjoy a big improvement in TV audio volume and quality.

  • Conservatives Can Fix the United Nations

    Michael Rubin Security, Americas Lawmakers should agree on how to punish the UN financially for inefficiency and reward it for its successes. Many conservatives despise the United Nations. “The Secretariat building in New York has thirty-eight stories,” John Bolton said in 1994 while a lawyer in the private sector. “If it lost ten stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.” Bolton’s subsequent tenure as ambassador to the United Nations and now National Security Advisor has not changed his...

    The National Interest
  • Clippers trying to fix a flaw in their defense

    With half a minute to play in Tuesday’s first half at Staples Center, Charlotte forward Guillermo Hernangomez dove on a loose ball and rolled over, looking for a teammate. His pass never reached one. Instead, it was intercepted by Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell, who barrelled to the basket.
  • Trump in a position to fix the Middle East

    President Trump has shaken the military industrial Neocon complex, with its new Democrat cheerleaders, to the core. Nothing has riled Washington more than the threat of ending a war, one that President Barack Obama started. However, our current president is on to something. Syria is not the problem; it is
  • Firefox is finally fixing its broken screenshot tool

    Firefox's screenshot tool has a lot going for it, but after two days of trying to use it I gave up and went back to using Ksnapshot (now Spectacle) for the near-constant screenshotting I do, all day long: that's because when you hit "save" in Firefox's screenshot UI, it didn't save it to your hard-drive, rather, it uploaded it to a Mozilla server, which, in addition to being time-consuming and stupid, was also a potential huge privacy risk (if, for example, you were screenshotting a sensitive...

    Boing Boing
  • Microsoft Cannot Fix Seattle’s Housing Crisis

    Cities should treat rising rents like pollution and tax the companies that cause it.
  • How to Fix Social Media by Injecting A Chunk of the Blogosphere

    Not all hour-long podcasts are worthwhile, but I found this one by The Atlantic’s Matt Thompson and Alexis Madrigal to be pretty compelling. The subject: how to fix social media, or rather, how to create a variation on social media that allows you to properly pose the question as to whether or not it can be fixed. For both Matt and Alexis, social media (and in particular, Twitter) is not especially usable or desirable in the form in which it presents itself. Both Matt and Alexis have shaped...
  • Here's Why Iyanla Vanzant Wouldn't Have R. Kelly on Fix My Life

    It's time for Iyanla Vanzant to speak her truth. For six seasons, the life coach, teacher and best-selling author has helped transform the lives of many individuals with her Oprah

    E! Online
  • Trump points to border concerns that a wall wouldn't (and couldn't) fix

    Trump traveled to Texas to make his case for a wall, and pointed to all kinds of concerns about the border. None of them would be addressed by a giant wall.

  • Surfer needs 50 stitches after shark attack

    A 19-year-old student was able to escape the jaws of a shark after it bit his legs while he surfed off the coast of California.

    ABC News
  • Gidley: Immigration 'Has to Be Fixed via Congress'

    On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley stated that immigration “has to be fixed via Congress,” and the White House doesn’t want to “let them off the hook here.” Gidley said, “Oh, he’s strongly considering everything. Look, he has to secure the border. He’s taken a constitutional oath to protect the American people. He’s looking at every option under his legal authority to do just that.” He added, “This has to be...

  • Deleting Facebook Won’t Fix the Problem

    When we tell people to get off the platform, we recast a political issue as a willpower issue.
  • Spain arrests players in match-fixing investigation

    Spain arrests 83 people, including 28 professional tennis players, after an investigation into match-fixing.

    BBC Sport
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Fix 'leaky' immigration now

    America's elected legislators should be looking at our immigration problem like they would leaky plumbing in their homes. Water damage from the leaky pipes will cause rot that will damage and eventually bring down our entire structure. Successive Democratic and Republican Congresses were the "plumbers" who designed and installed our
  • The Undateables, review: a formula that requires no fixing or fiddling

    There’s nothing not to like about The Undateables (Channel 4).

    The Telegraph
  • Cuomo’s Risky L Train Fix

    We don’t know enough to know whether it’s safe.
  • Profs Tapped To Fix School-Choice Lottery

    Newly arrived in the city, parents with a 4-year-old plan to enter the lottery for kindergarten spots at one of New Haven’s public schools next year. They know they’re rolling the dice in a game many consider rigged or broken.

    New Haven Independent