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  • The Latest: Qualcomm defeat might not lower phone prices

    A federal judge has ruled Qualcomm violated antitrust law

    ABC News
  • How far can a viral tweet get you? Be careful what you wish for

    Adam Koszary’s ‘absolute unit’ sheep led to a job at Tesla, but his new boss, Elon Musk, has had less social media success – with one missive landing him in court Twitter is a game with two objectives. The first is to scream your opinions at people who hold an identical set of opinions, in the mistaken belief that you are changing things. The second is to go viral. A viral tweet isn’t just a dopamine hit of validation, it can also lead to crucial exposure. Your work – nay, your entire...

    the Guardian
  • Anti-groping app downloads soar in Japan to combat train assaults

    Digi Police app enables victims of molesters to notify fellow passengers of harassment Almost two decades after the introduction of women-only train carriages, female commuters in Japan are turning to technology to tackle molesters on packed rush-hour trains. The Digi Police app enables victims of groping to activate a voice shouting “Stop it!” at ear-piercing volume or bring up a full-screen message reading, “There is a molester. Please help” that they can show to other passengers. Continue...

    the Guardian
  • Consumer Reports says Tesla's latest autopilot fix raises 'serious safety concerns'

    Tesla's latest version of its Navigate on Autopilot feature could be a potential safety risk for drivers as it requires substantial human intervention, according to findings by Consumer Reports.

  • Baltimore: government computers crippled by attack as hackers demand bitcoin

    Attack on city computers prevents employees from sending email and knocked out bill pay websites, as hackers demand $76,000 Hackers have seized control of government computers for the city of Baltimore, demanding ransom and leaving the city locked out of basic technology for more than two weeks. The ransomware attack, discovered on 7 May, infected city computers, officials said, forcing the city to take down online services and systems to contain the extent of the damage. As of Wednesday, the...

    the Guardian
  • Utah man arrested for threatening to kill YouTube employees

    David Levon Swanson, 35, was charged with threats of terrorism, a second-degree felony, and released on $100,000 bail, according to police records.