Wales Headlines

  • Rare freezing rain and black ice to batter UK

    Met Office issues amber weather alert for widespread treacherous conditions Christmas shoppers have been warned to take extra care on Saturday, with widespread heavy freezing rain expected to create hazardous conditions on the UK’s roads. The Met Office issued an amber weather warning for parts of England and Scotland, highlighting the risk of rapidly forming ice on roads and pavements, while high ground in Scotland could face up to 40cm of snow. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Key Holyrood Brexit legislation breaches law, rules UK supreme court

    Scottish ministers cannot veto legislation reserved for Westminster, rules court The UK supreme court has ruled that a key part of the Scottish government’s emergency Brexit legislation breaches the law because ministers in Edinburgh cannot veto legislation introduced by the UK government. UK ministers said the ruling vindicated their decision to challenge legislation introduced by the Scottish parliament earlier this year in a constitutional confrontation over the repatriation of EU powers into...

    the Guardian
  • Scottish parliament partly overstepped on Brexit bill: Supreme Court

    Scotland's devolved parliament partially overstepped its constitutional reach when it passed a Brexit bill that was designed to ensure it kept all its powers after Britain leaves the European Union, the British Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

  • Was Stonehenge built by cow power? Study suggests Neolithic farmers had mastered animal traction

    The mystery of how Stonehenge’s bluestones were transported 160 miles from Wales to Wiltshire has puzzled archaeologists for generations.

    The Telegraph
  • Moment Wales' most wanted man is caught after five years

    Brian Ward, who was described as one of the UK's most wanted men by Crimestoppers, was arrested in Cardiff Bay on Thursday, December 6.

    Mail Online
  • Soccer: Balkan 2030 World Cup bid is realistic, says Bulgarian sports minister

    A bid by Balkan countries to host the 2030 soccer World Cup would have a realistic chance because the governments of Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania would offer support for the joint candidature, Bulgaria's Sports Minister Krasen Kralev said on Wednesday.