Winter Olympics Headlines

  • S Korean Olympic authorities promise action after sex abuse accusations

    South Korea's Olympic Committee has apologized to athletes who have come forward in recent weeks with abuse claims, rocking the East Asian country's sporting establishment. At a press conference Tuesday, Lee Kee-heung -- president of the Korean Sports and Olympic Committee, KSOC -- bowed in apology as he admitted the organization had allowed individuals to influence its internal procedures and prevent it from investigating assault allegations. "To the athletes who are sweating, enduring arduous...

  • The world's most dominant athlete at the moment is 23 years old

    At a certain point, the manner in which the best in any field evaluate themselves can't be against other practitioners of that same pursuit. LeBron isn't measured against his contemporaries; he's measured against Jordan. Tiger in his prime was chasing not just Nicklaus, but the limits of golf itself. Here, then, are Mikaela Shiffrin's eight most recent results on the World Cup alpine ski circuit: first, first, first, first, first, fifth, first, second. The gap between Shiffrin and the skier in...

  • Retired NFL players form curling team with Olympic aspirations

    Jared Allen spent 12 years in the NFL terrorizing quarterbacks with 136 career sacks, 11th all-time in league history. A four-time All Pro and five-time Pro Bowler, Allen is likely a Pro Football Hall of Fame candidate when he becomes eligible in 2021. But he has some major plans for 2022. Allen has Olympic aspirations in curling. His teammates are three former NFL players in quarterback Marc Bulger, linebacker Keith Bulluck and offensive tackle Michael Roos. And while they've only been curling...

  • The incredible story of Pita Taufatofua, Tonga's shirtless Olympic flag bearer

    Years of pain and crushing disappointment have not dissuaded the Instagram sensation from becoming an Olympian in two sports – and he’s about to announce a third When Pita Taufatofua began the walk towards the stadium at the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony, he was an unknown, unrated athlete from an obscure Pacific island. He would walk back out a global celebrity. Had it not been for a vat of coconut oil and his flair for flag bearing, he could have passed through the Olympic Games unnoticed...

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  • 'I just count money, that’s all I do': the sporting quotes of 2018

    From Australia’s sandpaper storm to some impressive popularity contests, via José Mourinho and worm denial 5 January: “We have money for sardines and I’m thinking lobster. I will do my best to try and bring in the best players. I will look to the lobsters and sea bass, but if not we must buy sardines. But sometimes the sardines can win games” – Perhaps, Carlos Carvalhal, but they couldn’t keep Swansea in the Premier League. Continue reading

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