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  • Facebook found users interested in Nazis, and let ads market to them

    Facebook makes money by charging advertisers to reach just the right audience for their message - even when that audience is made up of people interested in the perpetrators of the Holocaust or explicitly neo-Nazi music. Despite promises of greater oversight after past advertising scandals, a Los Angeles Times review shows that Facebook has continued to allow advertisers to target hundreds of thousands of users the social media firm believes are curious about topics such as "Joseph Goebbels,"...

  • Pixar short 'Bao,' about a dumpling come to life, up for Oscar

    "Bao" is a Disney Pixar short nominated in the best animated short category. The first such Pixar film to be directed by a woman, "Bao" follows a woman who comes to raise a baozi bun she cooked when it comes to life. The film explores themes of empty nest syndrome, attachment and the effects of being an overprotective parent.

  • YouTube Kills 400 Channels For Hosting Pedophilic Comments

    The company took action after a YouTube creator posted a video showing how pedophiles can use the platform to exchange contact details and links to child porn.

  • An Arizona officer threatened to arrest a 12-year-old journalist. She wasn't backing down.

    When a small-town Arizona officer stopped a 12-year-old reporter who was chasing down a story tip on Monday, he probably had no idea what he was getting himself into. Hilde Lysiak, the preteen journalist whose exploits have inspired a Scholastic book series and an upcoming TV show, made a name for herself in 2016 by being the first to report on a grisly murder in her hometown, then firing back at critics who suggested that a 9-year-old girl shouldn't be hanging around crime scenes. Since then,...

  • Experience: I'm a teenage viral slime superstar

    I don’t think my parents really got it until I started going to conventions and they saw how popular my slimes were I was 14 when I got into following slimers such as Karina Garcia on YouTube. I was watching her videos all the time. For fun, I made an Instagram called Slimeglitterz where I started learning how to make it for myself from YouTube tutorials. I loved it: it just felt good. You make slime by mixing together PVA glue, borax solution and sometimes glycerin to make it stretchy. At first...

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  • YouTube walks a tightrope with its video makers, advertisers

    YouTube has plenty of problems to deal with, ranging from advertiser boycotts to a recommendation engine often blamed for encouraging conspiracies on the video-sharing network. But rarely does it score