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  • Sen. Cruz: The Only Thing Democrats Are Willing to Consider Is 'Zero, Zero, Zero'

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  • Sen. Cruz: The Only Thing Democrats Are Willing to Consider Is 'Zero, Zero, Zero'

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said he hopes to see "Washington coming together and opening up the government" when he returns to the Capitol on Monday. Please support CNSNews today! [a 501(c)(3) non-profit production of the Media Research Center] DONATE Or, book travel through MRC’s Travel Discounts Program! MRC receives a rebate for each...

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  • How to Implement a National Tracking Strategy

    Posted by TheMozTeam Google is all about serving up results based on your precise location, which means there’s no such thing as a “national” SERP anymore. So, if you wanted to get an accurate representation of how you’re performing nationally, you’d have to track every single street corner across the country. Not only is this not feasible, it’s also a headache — and the kind of nightmare that keeps your accounting team up at night. Because we’re in the business of making things easy, we...
  • Dems zero in on Trump and Russia

    Democrats vowed to introduce tough oversight of President Trump if they won back the House majority, and they are signaling a new aggressiveness to meet their promises.Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorne

  • Trump’s Mideast Strategy

    Like Obama, he wants the U.S. to step back. Unlike Obama, he wants to contain Iran.

  • Illegal Immigration and Socialist Strategy

    Half a century after Cloward-Piven proposed their plan and 48 years after Alinsky penned Rules for Radicals, the lyrics to the socialist song may have changed, but the Marxist melody remains the same.�
  • Trump’s Syria Strategy

    On December 20th, President Trump somewhat shockingly announced plans to pull American troops out of Syria. Across mainstream media, from Fox News to MSNBC, and among establishment politicians, Democrat, and Republican alike, the response came in near uniformity

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  • An Economy With Zero Human Beings In It?

    How much of the internet and digital environment many now live their lives entirely engulfed in is completely fake? A new disturbing report in New York Magazine lays out some key facts, beginning with the following astounding trend:  For a period of time in 2013, the Times reported this year, a full half of YouTube traffic was “bots masquerading as people,” a portion so high that employees feared an inflection point after which YouTube’s systems for detecting fraudulent traffic would begin to...

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  • How Kabila's election strategy unraveled in Congo

    In Kinshasa's lush Botanical Garden, the scene was set to celebrate the election of the man Joseph Kabila had chosen to replace him as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Against Forgetting: Ground Zero Nagasaki – Countercurrents

    Landing at Nagasaki Airport last November, I joined a line of Japanese men, women, and children waiting to disembark from our plane. Most were likely returning home on this holiday weekend or arriving to visit family and friends. I wondered how many of them remembered or thought about the nuclear annihilation of this city 73 years ago — within, that[Read More

  • A spectacularly failed strategy from Justice Ginsburg

    She should have let Barack Obama nominate her replacement.
  • Was there any strategy behind Rudy's latest remarks?

    In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, former New York mayor and Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani said he didn't deny Trump's campaign colluded with Russia, just that Trump wasn't involved in the collusion.
  • 4 Strategies to Supercharge Your Online Marketing

    Develop content that makes sense for mobile consumption.

  • Emperor Zero diddles while Rome burns

    No doubt a coal fire
  • Ericsson abandons failed BSS strategy

    Ericsson will book a SEK6.1 billion ($687 million) charge in its Q4 2018 results related

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  • CES 2019 recap: Day zero

    A lot happened at CES before the show floor opened up, and it won't surprise you to hear that TVs played a large part. Manufacturers unveiled a slew of 8K sets, including Samsung's room-filling Q900 and even an LG Signature roll-up TV that hides

  • 'Zero Sugar Cookbook' by David Zinczenko

    Lose up to a pound a day with more than 100 mouthwatering recipes for sugar-free meals, drinks, snacks, and desserts, based on the cravings-busting, fat-melting science from Zero Sugar Diet.

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  • Shutdown Day 16: Zero progress


  • How to Dress From Day to Night With Zero Effort

    With a key foundation piece, it's never been easier to wear the same outfit from desk to drinks. Get inspired by these day-to-night outfit ideas.

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  • Joe Biden has a strategy for the presidential run

    The former vice president has been dubbed 'Middle-Class Joe'
  • Trump playing the ‘Xanatos Gambit’ with shutdown strategy

    A compelling explanation of Trump's no-lose shutdown strategy.
  • Trump's missile defense plan is bad strategy

    President Trump's new missile defense plan is misguided. It will drain money from Pentagon priorities, provoke aggressive Chinese and Russian countermeasures, and fail to restrain large-scale nuclear attacks.

    Washington Examiner
  • James White the Patriots’ RB to play in DFS

    Here are some key picks you should consider for this week’s DFS contests: Jared Goff, QB, Rams (FanDuel $8,000/DraftKings $5,400) The Saints will try to stuff the run and force Goff to throw, which is exactly what you want. He threw for 391 yards and three touchdowns against them back in Week 9 and is

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  • Insight: How Kabila's election strategy unravelled in Congo

    In Kinshasa's lush Botanical Garden, the scene was set to celebrate the election of the man Joseph Kabila had chosen to replace him as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo.