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  • Bears Q&A: Will the Bears block Fletcher Cox like Aaron Donald? Is this the team's best defense since '86? Could Robbie Gould return?

    The Tribune’s Brad Biggs answers your questions weekly in his Bears mailbag. Are the Bears going to block Fletcher Cox like they did Aaron Donald? He’s a disrupter. — @eb00717082 Cox isn’t Donald, but there isn’t an interior defensive lineman in the league in the same class as Donald, who should
  • ‘He’s the Best, He’s the Best, He’s the Best’

    Writers and editors talk about Adam Moss, the editor of New York magazine, who announced on Tuesday that he is stepping down after leading the publication for 15 years.
  • Should Retirees Worry About Bear Markets?

    Authored by Lance Roberts via, Mark Hulbert recently wrote a piece suggesting “Retirees Should Not Fear A Bear Market.” To Wit: “Don’t give up hope. I’m referring to what many retirees are most afraid of: Running out of money before they die. An Allianz Life survey found that far more retirees are afraid of outliving their money than they are of dying—61% to 39%. This ever-present background fear is especially rearing its ugly head right now, given the bear market...

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  • Bear Markets & Fed Mistakes

    Authored by John Mauldin via, Powell Was Right but the Fed Is Wrong Last week. I argued Jerome Powell did the right thing by raising rates a mere 25 basis points. He forcefully declared the Fed’s independence from the market and politicians for the first time since Volcker. Greenspan, Bernanke, and, in particular, Yellen all gave the markets a “put” option—basically a third unofficial mandate to make sure that asset prices keep rising. Now, of course, that’s not the way...

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  • Autopsy On The Still Living Bear Market

    Via Global Macro Monitor, Summary We believe the market is way off base in its analysis of what caused stocks to sell hard in 2018 The U.S. and world have a debt problem and yields need to mover higher in order for markets to clear The breakout in long-term yields in late September broke the U.S. stock market The macro factors that caused the stock market collapse, the changing dynamics in the Treasury market,  have not changed and are likely to deteriorate further A...

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  • Staying Calm Is the Best Response to a Down Market

    Sometimes, the best you can do is just not making the situation worse.

  • The Best Emerging-Markets Stocks for 2019

    If you think 2018 was a rough year for American stocks, take a look overseas. Emerging markets were absolutely hammered last year. The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM), the most widely followed proxy for emerging-markets stocks, finished 2018 down 17%. Many individual developing countries fared even worse. The Xtrackers Harvest SCI 300 China A-Shares ETF (ASHR) - which tracks the performance of China's largest domestically traded shares - lost 29% last year. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF...
  • Here are the best and worst performing markets of 2018

    Major stock markets across the world suffered their worst calendar year since the financial crisis in 2018, leaving many global investors fearful of further declines over the coming months.

  • Bear Market Bounce Or Beginning Abother Bull?

    Authored by Lance Roberts via, Bull Rallies & Market Tops Last week, we discussed the fulfillment of our expectations for a bull rally. While the rally was attributed to the rather “dovish” stance taken by Jerome Powell and commentary from the White House on potential progress on resolving the “trade war” with China. The reality is it had little to do with those headlines but was simply a reversal of the previous “exhaustion extreme” of sellers during November...

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  • Schiff: Bear Market Has “A Long Way to Go”

    Says economy heading for a recession worse than the one we had in 2008
  • The 6 Best Vanguard Index Funds for 2019 and Beyond

    Investing icon Warren Buffett advises investors to stash 90% of their money in a Standard & Poor's 500-stock index fund and keep the rest in short-term government bonds. That's a good start for investors who want to keep things simple, but it limits your investments to large U.S. companies. So today, we'll show you how the best Vanguard index funds can add more portfolio diversification while still keeping your strategy simple. Rather than help to pay the huge salaries of high-powered fund...
  • The Stock Market Just Finished Its Best Week in Months

    The market was slightly down on Friday, but it was still a great week.

  • Cryptocurrency analysts predict the end of the Bitcoin bear market

    Blockchain investigators have employed a neat method for analyzing Bitcoin activity to determine at what point long-term holders typically yield and sell their Bitcoin. Delphi Digital, an independent research boutique specializing in the digital asset market, has studied Bitcoin transaction data and market prices, calculating that Bitcoin investors are (for the most part) done with their selling. This indicates the start of an accumulation phase that might replicate investor cycles from way back...

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  • The 7 Best Bond Funds for Retirement Savers in 2019

    Bond funds are for your "safe" money. They give your portfolio ballast - and they're a ready source of cash when you spot opportunities in the stock market. Just keep the very long-term in mind and don't get greedy with bonds in 2019. Almost every flavor of bond and bond fund lost at least a little money last year, and the same could happen this year. For instance: Even the best long-term and even intermediate-term bonds and bond funds will likely do well only if there's a dramatic slowdown in...
  • Bears have fourth-best odds of winning 2020 Super Bowl

    Although the Bears' season ended with heartbreak, things appear to be trending upward for Chicago and oddsmakers have taken notice.

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  • Teachers: "Thoughts and Bears" -Bear

    From MRC Culture

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  • Cramer says the bear market in stocks ended on Christmas Eve

    "I think people are still oblivious that the bear market ended on that horrible half-day" Dec. 24 session, CNBC's Jim Cramer says.

  • The best reactions from players after the Bears’ double-doink loss to the Eagles

    These are SOME EMOTIONS. The end of Sunday’s game between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles was wild, and hinged on a missed field goal that was SO CLOSE. The Bears took the lead in the final three minutes with a touchdown, then the Eagles took it back with a touchdown of their own, leaving only a minute on the clock. But Mitchell Trubisky drove the Bears into field goal range, where Cody Parkey kicked a game-winner
  • Fund managers hoping for stock rally look to emerging markets

    After emerging market stocks led global equity markets lower in a brutal 2018, some U.S.-based fund managers are betting that the asset class may have the largest rebound in the new year.

  • Jamaica's 37-Company Exchange Was 2018's Best Performing Stock Market

    The Jamaican stock exchange, unknown to most of the world and which is open for trading only three and a half hours a day, was 2018's best performing stock market. The exchange - which started 50 years ago, by Edward Seaga, a Jamaican Harvard graduate who worked as a record producer in the 1950s and 1960s - saw its main index up 29% during 2018, the most among 94 national benchmarks according to Bloomberg . Over the last five years, Jamaica's impressive market returns are even more pronounced:...

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  • Welcome to Jamaica, Home of the World’s Best-Performing Stock Market

    Welcome to Jamaica, Home of the World’s Best-Performing Stock Market

  • One Trader Doubles Down: "Prepare For A Full-Blown Cyclical Bear Market"

    Authored by Tommi Utoslahti, Bloomberg Markets Live Commentator Don’t get too comfortable with the idea of a sustained rebound in U.S. stocks this year. There are multiple reasons to prepare for a full-blown cyclical bear market in the S&P 500 Index. Based on Bloomberg surveys, market participants and my MLIV colleagues both expect a hearty double-digit percentage rally for the S&P 500 this year. In contrast, I would argue the balance of risks is now clearly tilted to the...

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  • The ‘Annihilation’ Bear Scene is the Best Sci-Fi Horror Moment in Decades

    What’s scarier than a bear? How about a bear that growls your best friend’s screams?

  • In this bull market, Information Technology stocks have performed best during Q4 earnings seasons

    Financials has been the worst-performing of the major market sectors, and Information Technology ultimately ends up as the Q4 season winner.