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  • Fake News? How About No News?

    Authored by Eric Peters via, Trump gets flak for characterizing the mainstream press as purveyors of Fake News. But what about no news at all? Isn’t lack of coverage even worse than biased coverage? Well, how much news have you heard or read about the gilets jaunes – or “yellow vest” – protests in France? CNN hasn’t got anything on its main page today (Jan. 9). Neither did NBC or CBS. Lots of the usual – endless – carpet-chewing coverage of Trump, though. And also of...

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  • Journalists at nation's largest newspaper chain are nervous

    The revelation sent a shudder through newsrooms across the country, from the southwestern border up to the northern Great Plains: MNG Enterprises, the hedge-fund owned company also known as Digital First Media, was submitting a bid to take over Gannett, the publisher of USA Today and about 100 other newspapers. That concern can be traced to the Rocky Mountain region, where turmoil at the Denver Post last year served as a cautionary tale about MNG's stewardship. MNG, largely owned by hedge fund...

  • Guardian to be first national newspaper with biodegradable wrapping

    The change aims to reduce plastic waste, following readers’ feedback The Guardian’s print edition will no longer be sold in plastic packaging, becoming the first national newspaper to switch to biodegradable wrapping. The Saturday edition of the paper contains a large number of supplements which are currently packaged in polythene to meet the demands of retailers and ensure they reach readers. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • VIDEO: TV News Reporter Attacked While Broadcasting Live...

    Someone attacked the reporter while she was live on Facebook.

  • The Happy Broadcast illustrates positive news stories from 2018.

    I'm honestly fed up with all the bad news everywhere. I am not a journalist or an influencer, but I want to use my art to spread some positivity. That's why I created The happy Broadcast, a counter hate and fear culture project that features weekly illustrated positive news from around the world.FOLLOW THE PROJECT HERE

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  • Trump Interrupts the Nation to Bloviate, Fearmonger, and Make Zero News

    The president spent valuable political capital to strong-arm the networks into broadcasting his nine-minute Oval Office address. So why didn’t he make any news?

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