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  • BEWARE: 1,000 Data on Lenovo are Wiped Off by Hackers, and Now Blackmailing Users for $200-$275 Ransoms to Return Data

    Old LenovoEMC NAS devices are currently targeted by a group of hackers known is "Cl0ud SecuritY." They are asking $200 to $275 ransom in exchange of stolen data.

    Tech Times
  • Why Americans shouldn't be surprised that Europe is blocking them

    The EU unveiled a list of countries whose residents can start traveling into Europe in July. The U.S. is not one of them — and for good reason.

  • Why the UK is the sick man of Europe again

    British neoliberalism, social inequality and arrogance have left us trailing in Germany’s wake in the fight against coronavirus, argue John Green and Glyn Turton, while Jinty Nelson says the UK has been losing ground in other areas for years Martin Kettle is absolutely right in his comparison between Germany’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and that of the UK (On different planets: how Germany tackled the pandemic, and Britain flailed, 24 June). But one big factor is the fact that Germany is...

    the Guardian
  • Bailout-Or-Bust For Europe's Airlines

    Bailout-Or-Bust For Europe's Airlines Tyler Durden Sat, 06/27/2020 - 08:45 European airline carriers secured billions worth of government support since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. You will find more infographics at Statista Germany's Lufthansa, the world's fourth largest airline, received a nine billion euros lifeline, the biggest German corporate rescue caused by COVID-19 so far. This was no exception. On June 26, for example, the Netherlands announced...

    Zero Hedge
  • What the Data Do and Don't Say about Policing and Race

    Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer had an interesting Wall Street Journal op-ed summarizing his research on race and policing. It begins: I have led two starkly different lives—that of a Southern black boy who grew up without a mother and knows what it's like to swallow the bitter pill of police brutality, and that of an economics nerd who believes in the power of data to inform effective policy. In 2015, after watching Walter Scott get gunned down, on video, by a North Charleston, S.C.,...
  • Is Data Our New False Religion?

    Is Data Our New False Religion? Tyler Durden Tue, 06/23/2020 - 16:45 Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, In the false religion of data, heresy is asking for data that is not being collected because it might reveal unpalatably unprofitable realities. Here's how every modern con starts: let's look at the data. Every modern con starts with an earnest appeal to look at the data because the con artist has assembled the data to grease the slides of the...

    Zero Hedge
  • Why Some Statues in Europe Should Be Torn Down (And Others Shouldn't)

    Monuments to fascists and King Leopold II are one thing. But why are the Brits coming for Winston Churchill? The post Why Some Statues in Europe Should Be Torn Down (And Others Shouldn’t) appeared first on The American Conservative.

    The American Conservative
  • Europe's Leaked Hydrogen Strategy Is Very Ambitious

    Europe's Leaked Hydrogen Strategy Is Very Ambitious Tyler Durden Mon, 07/06/2020 - 05:00 Authored by Alan Mammoser via, In the panorama of renewable energy technologies, hydrogen’s potential is seen in several sectors. It is what the IEA calls an ‘integration’ technology. It promises to play a cross-sectoral role throughout the energy system, contributing simultaneously to decarbonization in various ways. It can make clean energy sources more efficient and...

    Zero Hedge
  • How Nationalism Overcame History In Eastern Europe

    Aram Bakshian Jr. History, Europe If one had to come up with a single sentence to sum up all of the brutality, folly, tragedy, chaos, villainy, and occasional moments of heroism that John Connelly surveys in From Peoples into Nations: A History of Eastern Europe, you could boil it all down to this: too much history and not enough real estate. John Connelly, From Peoples into Nations: A History of Eastern Europe (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2020), 968 pp., $35.00. IF ONE had to come...

    The National Interest
  • Facebook fixes leaky data policy

    Facebook admitted a flaw allowed around 5,000 third-party app developers to collect personal information of

    Mobile World Live
  • Again? Facebook Shared User Data With Developers It Shouldn't Have

    Facebook failed to block access to some personal details again. The flaw affected apps from approximately 5,000 developers.

    Tech Times
  • Facebook shared user data with developers it shouldn't have — again

    Facebook has disclosed yet another instance of developers receiving user data they shouldn’t have. According to the company, at least a few thousand developers were able to access some personal details from “inactive” users who hadn’t used their apps

  • ‘Germany’s heart beats for Europe’

    Gemeinsam. Europa wieder stark machen” (“Together for Europe’s Recovery“) is Germany’s motto for its Presidency of the Council of the European Union that runs from July 1 to December 31, 2020. In the rotating system of presidencies among the 27 member states, it’s for the 13th time that Germany is heading the Council of the EU.
  • How well does your company navigate data privacy?

    Take this quick, multiple choice survey and tell us about how your company manages its data privacy.

  • Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty Are Interconnected

    Josué Rivas I’m a guest in the Black Lives Matter movement, and making images is how I show my support. The post Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty Are Interconnected appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • Mysterious radiation spike detected over Europe

    HELSINKI — Nordic authorities say they detected slightly increased levels of radioactivity in northern Europe this month that Dutch officials said may be from a source in western Russia and may “indicate damage to a fuel element in a nuclear power plant.” But Russian news agency TASS, citing a spokesman with the state nuclear power

    New York Post
  • Was Coronavirus Really in Europe in March 2019?

    The novel coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 – may have been in Europe for longer than previously thought
  • Was coronavirus in Europe as early as March 2019?

    Samples of wastewater in Barcelona have shown traces of coronavirus from as early as March 2019, but can we trust the results? Claire Crossan explains

    The Independent