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  • Suse launches version 2.0 of its Cloud Foundry-based Cloud Application Platform – TechCrunch

    Suse, the well-known German open-source company that went through more corporate owners than anybody can remember until it finally became independent again in 2019, has long been a champion of Cloud Foundry, the open-source platform-as-a-service project. And while you may think of Suse as a Linux distribution, today’s company also offers a number of other [

  • Google Cloud just poached a long-time Citi exec. Here's why public-cloud giants keep adding Wall Street veterans to their ranks.

    Yolande Piazza has been named Google Cloud's vice president of financial services.  Piazza, who spent 32 years at Citigroup, will be focused on helping Google Cloud lure more Wall Street clients onto the cloud provider's platform.  Providers are ramping up efforts to recruit financial firms to use the public cloud.  Sign up here for our Wall Street Insider newsletter. Sign up here to receive updates on all things Innovation Inc. Google Cloud is hiring a long-time Citi executive as cloud...

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  • IBM's new head of cloud says there's a $1 trillion opportunity in luring Wall Street firms and other holdouts onto the public cloud. Here's his plan to take on AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

    Howard Boville, IBM's senior vice president of cloud, told Business Insider the tech giant sees a $1 trillion business opportunity in helping large enterprises finally adopt the public cloud. Boville spent eight years at Bank of America, most recently serving as chief technology officer, before joining IBM in April.  On Monday, IBM announced it had reached a definitive agreement to buy Spanugo, a vendor focused on cybersecurity in public clouds.  Sign up here for our Wall Street Insider...

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  • Cloud and complexity in IT

    It’s an old story by now—cloud is the computing of the future. What has become evident in recent years, however, is cloud has established itself as the computing of the present—and the agile IT architecture it has enabled is critical to any organization’s efforts to increase efficiency and business resilience. In other words, transitioning IT

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  • Coronavirus and the big shift to cloud

    In the space of a few months, covid-19 has upended economic and social activity worldwide, sending billions of people home for months on end and causing productivity to tumble. In Asia, the first region to be affected, huge disruption occurred across what have been the world’s fastest-growing economies. The Asian Development Bank forecasts that productivity

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  • Why the future of financial markets is in the cloud

    To keep up with global investing trends and cope with crises like COVID-19, the infrastructure of the markets needs to evolve.