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  • Gone with the wind: DJ's chance to catch Koepka

    Brooks Koepka's coronation in PGA Championship nearly got blown off the golf course

    ABC News
  • HENRY DEEDES...on how PMQs has gone from unmissable to unwatchable

    HENRY DEEDES: Most of the time, their exchanges across the dispatch box wouldn't trouble the pimply members of a sixth form debating society.

    Mail Online
  • PETA is example of liberal activism gone wrong

    Let me confess a (popular) opinion: I love dogs. My wife and I own two rescue dogs and one foster dog. As a kid, we grew up with cats. I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who works to oppose animal abuse. But righteousness is not the

    The Washington Times
  • ‘Caliphate’ gone, but militants in Iraq strike from hiding

    Islamic State militants spread terror in northern Iraq, more than 18 months since defeat of their so-called caliphate

  • What a carry on! Hand luggage has gone high-tech

    Here's our round-up of a new breed of clever carry-ons and backpacks. Check out the nifty backpack that packs like a suitcase and the carry-on that features a hidden laundry bag and USB phone chargers.

    Mail Online
  • The caliphate is gone, but Islamic State has a new plan

    Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has made clear Isis is ramping up its international strategy. Algeria and Sudan will be decisive Four years after his proclamation of the “caliphate”, Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has again appeared in a propaganda video. This time, the man in the film is not the caliph preaching from his pulpit, but a hunted fugitive. Commentators were quick to recall how much the latest images evoked the last known pictures of the then al-Qaida second-in-command, Abu Musab...

    the Guardian