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  • Lawsuit claims disabled woman was raped and impregnated at health care facility

    The lawsuit seeking $15,000 in damages alleges that a non-verbal, immobile woman suffering from a genetic disorder was raped and impregnated at a Florida facility a year ago.

    Mail Online
  • Johnsonville recalls cartons of frozen Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Grillers

    SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wis.– Johnsonville announced on Friday a recall on its frozen and boxed products, Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Grillers. The company said on its website that the frozen pork patties may contain small, black pieces of rubber. There have been three incidents reported; however, Johnsonsville said there have been no known or confirmed illnesses or injuries associated with the product. The company said the recall is limited to the 24 oz. boxed packages of Johnsonville Cheddar Cheese...
  • Russia warns US missile defense plans will fuel arms race...

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia said Friday the Pentagon's new missile defense strategy will trigger an arms race in space and further undermine global stability. The tough Russian statement came in response to the U.S. administration's Missile Defense Review released Thursday during President Donald Trump's visit to the Pentagon. The Pentagon's new strategy calls for a new array of space-based sensors and other high-tech systems to more quickly detect and shoot down incoming missiles. It makes clear that...

  • 3 years later, no one is in jail over Flint tainted water

    DETROIT (AP) — Michigan's attorney general in 2016 promised to investigate "without fear or favor" the scandal over Flint's lead-tainted drinking water and pledged that state regulators would be locked up for fudging data and misleading the public. Yet three years later, no one is behind bars. Instead, seven of 15 defendants have pleaded no contest to misdemeanors, some as minor as disrupting a public meeting. Their records eventually will be scrubbed clean.

  • Family of premature baby struggles to change insurance due to shutdown

    Joseph Daskalakis’ son was born New Year’s Eve, a little over a week into the current government shutdown, and about 10 weeks before he was expected.

    ABC News
  • What happens to your body when you eat spicy food?

    People who eat spicy food like it because the pain response triggers the release of endorphins and dopamine, which creates a feeling of euphoria. So next time you eat tacos and are super happy, thank the hot sauce. Read more

  • Wendy Williams hospitalized, delays show return for third time

    “Despite her strong desire to return, she is taking a necessary, extended break from her show to focus on her personal and physical well-being,” a statement from her family read.

    Page Six
  • Apple teams with Johnson & Johnson to help reduce strokes

    Apple CEO Tim Cook garnered a ton of press coverage recently from one pretty straightforward assessment he gave about what he thinks the iPhone maker’s ultimate legacy will be. At some point in the future, he mused, we’ll all look back and regard Apple’s “greatest contribution” to humanity being its work in the area of

    New York Post
  • Shutdown reaches Day 28 as Trump, Pelosi feud heats...

    WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday canceled her plans to travel by commercial plane to visit U.S. troops in Afghanistan, saying President Donald Trump had caused a security risk by talking about the trip. It was the latest twist in what has become a Washington game of brinkmanship between Pelosi and Trump, playing out against the stalled negotiations over how to end the partial government shutdown. Earlier in the week, Pelosi had asked Trump to reschedule his Jan. 29 State of...

  • Trump staffing up to fend off potential primary challenge...

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is staffing up to fend off any potential primary challenger. The Virginia-based campaign is announcing Friday that former White House official Nick Trainer will lead its delegate and party organization efforts ahead of the 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. No party challenger has emerged within the GOP to face Trump, who is broadly popular among the party's base and has enormous institutional...

  • May's foes gather as Britain's Brexit stalemate drags on

    LONDON (AP) — Talks to end Britain's Brexit stalemate appeared deadlocked Friday, with neither Prime Minister Theresa May nor the main opposition leader shifting from their entrenched positions. May has been meeting with politicians from several parties in a bid to find a way forward after her European Union divorce deal was rejected by Parliament this week. But she is unwilling to move her "red lines," which include taking Britain out of the bloc's customs union. And Labour Party leader Jeremy...

  • French step up security to stop migrant boats in the Channel

    CALAIS, France (AP) — Border control officers patrolling the land, sea and air of northern France are combing beaches, dunes and the frigid, murky coastal waters in a bid to end a high-risk but growing tactic by a group of mostly Iranian migrants desperate to get to Britain: sneaking across the English Channel in rubber boats. The stepped-up security is beginning to pay off. A patrol discovered a motorized rubber boat and four people this week in the dunes south of Calais, a top French border...

  • WATCH: We tried a Kardashian approved booty machine

    "GMA Day" producer Dani Kipp tried out The DB Method for 30 days.

    ABC News
  • Why vaping is so dangerous for teens

    Most of what we know about nicotine addiction in teens, we know from cigarettes. But experts say the technology and chemistry of vaping might pose an entirely different threat. "It turns out that e-cigarette use by kids doesn't look the same at all," said Dr. Sharon Levy, director of the Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Program at Boston Children's Hospital. "How you're delivering [nicotine] and how much you're delivering
  • Could Dems' 2020 nominee be someone you've never heard of?

    SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — At 36, Pete Buttigieg is just over the minimum age required to be president of the United States. Outside South Bend, Indiana, the Rust Belt community where he's been mayor since age 29, few people know his name. Those who know it struggle to pronounce it. (It's BOO'-tah-juhj.) None of that has deterred Buttigieg — a Democrat, Rhodes scholar and Navy veteran known to most people as "Mayor Pete" — from contemplating a 2020 presidential bid against a crowd of much...

  • Total lunar eclipse meets supermoon Sunday night...

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Here comes a total lunar eclipse and supermoon, all wrapped into one. The moon, Earth and sun will line up this weekend for the only total lunar eclipse this year and next. At the same time, the moon will be ever so closer to Earth and appear slightly bigger and brighter than usual — a supermoon. "This one is particularly good," said Rice University astrophysicist Patrick Hartigan. "It not only is a supermoon and it's a total eclipse, but the total eclipse also lasts...


    WASHINGTON (AP) — She imperiled his State of the Union address. He denied her a plane to visit troops abroad. The shutdown battle between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing out as a surreal game of constitutional brinkmanship, with both flexing their political powers from opposite ends of Pennsylvania Avenue as the negotiations to end the monthlong partial government shutdown remain stalled.

  • California storm moving out after battering state for 3 days...

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The storm that pummeled much of California for three days began moving east Thursday after causing at least six deaths, forcing wildfire victims threatened by floods to flee their homes and plunging nearly 300,000 utility customers into darkness. The winter storm is forecast to drop heavy rain, snow and wind in Colorado and "will be slamming the East Coast by Sunday," National Weather Service forecaster Steve Anderson said. "From Maine to Florida." Anderson said most of...

  • Was there collusion? Trump lawyer walks back earlier remarks

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Thursday walked back comments from the night before in which he maintained that he had "never said there was no collusion" between Russia and members of Trump's 2016 White House campaign. Giuliani issued a statement aimed at clarifying a Wednesday night CNN interview that appeared to leave open the possibility of improper contacts during the campaign, in light of court filings in the past year that have detailed ties between...

  • Brazil's Bolsonaro makes stumbling start as president...

    SAO PAULO (AP) — A few days after being inaugurated, new Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced a tax increase, only to have his chief-of-staff say hours later that the boss "had been wrong." The former army captain also said he would be open to putting a U.S. base in his country, but military leaders quickly squashed the idea. And the day after the nascent administration announced plans to abolish a land-reform program, officials said it would actually remain intact.

  • 'One little earthquake': The grim reality for many disabled, furloughed workers

    While Congress is stuck in gridlock over the government shutdown, furloughed workers continue to face the grim reality of getting by without paychecks, a reality that is hitting disabled, furloughed workers particularly hard. Kings Floyd, a federal worker with muscular dystrophy, told ABC News’ “The Briefing Room” that the lack of a paycheck not only impacts her, but also the five women in the D.C. community who serve as her personal care attendants (PCAs). Floyd is already scrambling to...

    ABC News
  • The Latest: Judge: Laquan McDonald still a threat on ground

    CHICAGO (AP) — The Latest on the trial of three Chicago police officers accused of trying to cover up the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald (all times local): 3:40 p.m. The judge who cleared three Chicago officers of trying to cover up the 2014 fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald appears to have accepted an argument that jurors who convicted the officer who fired the shots didn't. Judge Domenica Stephenson repeatedly said in her ruling Thursday that McDonald continued moving and holding a...

  • Patients who may have contracted hepatitis at NJ surgical center file lawsuit

    Two patients from a New Jersey surgical center have tested positive for hepatitis, their attorney said Thursday.

    ABC News
  • Tech companies release slew of gadgets aimed at health concerns

    If the scores of personal health care devices at the Consumer Electronics Show last week are any indication, it’s clear that the Apple Watch has kicked off a rush.

    ABC News