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  • Brickbat: Not Heeding the Warning

    Security at Jefferson Elementary School in Warren, Ohio, escorted the school resource officer from campus after he ticketed the principal for parking in a handicapped zone. A spokesman for the officer's union says the officer had warned the principal repeatedly that parking in the spot was illegal.

  • Why the Fed Should Heed the Market

    Stock trends are the best predictor of growth. Recent volatility should give the central bank pause.

  • DFree helps the incontinent heed the call of nature

    Most folks have little trouble recognizing when their bladders are nearly at capacity and are able to plan accordingly. However for the elderly, disabled, and infirm, doing so isn't always quite so easy. But that's where the DFree from Triple W comes

  • Business groups issue dire warnings on no deal Brexit. Why aren't they being heeded?

    The CBI is quite right, no deal would be a disaster. But the gulf that has opened up between business leaders and workers is preventing what they are saying from being given the weight it deserves

  • Democrats double down on abortion rather than heed Claire McCaskill's sage advice

    Now that Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives and ushered Nancy Pelosi in as speaker, they would be wise to listen to the voice of another (once) powerful Democratic woman, former Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

    Washington Examiner
  • Why U.S. Regulators Should Heed the Lessons Learned From the Muddled GDPR Rollout

    Last week the Los Angeles Attorney General filed a lawsuit alleging that IBM-owned The Weather Channel app deceptively 'collected, shared and profited' from the data of millions of unwitting Americans via the location tracking capabilities of its mobile service. In their filing, prosecutors allege the business was not transparent in its communications over how it