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  • How I tracked an explosion in lawsuits against Trump's immigration policies

    This investigation is a collaboration between Mother Jones and Reveal. Listen to this episode of Reveal for more on this story and to learn more about Sinduja Rangarajan’s reporting. As I was reporting on the Trump administration’s efforts to change the system for admitting high-skilled foreign workers, immigration attorneys across the country kept telling me [

    Mother Jones
  • How McKinsey Helped the Trump Administration Carry Out Its Immigration Policies

    Newly uncovered documents show the consulting giant helped ICE find “detention savings opportunities” — including measures the agency’s staff sometimes viewed as too harsh on immigrants.
  • Why I Quit My Job Carrying Out Trump’s Immigration Policies

    A former asylum officer says “remain in Mexico” and other policies undermining asylum aren’t just racist, they’re illegal.
  • Trump and Obama Each Break Records on Bad Immigration Policy

    The Trump administration still falls short of the Obama administration when it comes to deportation numbers. But under President Donald Trump, more people are being held in immigration detention centers than ever before in U.S. history. And the majority of these detainees (70 percent) are people with no criminal records, according to the latest numbers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). "More than 14,000 are people the U.S. government has determined have a reasonable fear of...
  • Are Trump’s Border Policies Driving Down Illegal Immigration?

    Jonathan Haggerty Security, Americas Protecting national security and public safety means allowing law enforcement to focus its finite resources on those who threaten it most. Illegal border crossings reached their highest point in over a decade this year, but the numbers have declined every month since May. How much of this recent drop can we attribute to the administration’s border security program? One useful chart of the administration’s policies superimposed on the number of illegal...

    The National Interest
  • Trump's immigration policies dishonor the refugees we now call Pilgrims

    Instead of welcoming asylum seekers with open arms, the president has posited that our country is full. He couldn't be more wrong.

    NBC News