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  • Trans Advocacy As Journalism

    Ithaca Journal hands a story over to an LGBT commissar for prior review

    The American Conservative
  • Crackdown on journalism in Australia

    Australia "may well be the world's most secretive democracy," writes Damien Cave in The New York Times. It's cracking down on journalism that embarrasses the government, using arrests, raids and expansive warrants to chill reporting to an alarming extent. The journalist whose home was raided Tuesday, Annika Smethurst of The Sunday Telegraph of Sydney, had the authorities rifling through her belongings for more than seven hours. At the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday, the police...

    Boing Boing
  • Recalling a different era of journalism

    Margaret Sullivan’s June 10 Style column, “What the media has lost since Watergate,” resonated with me. I worked with her uncle Bob Sullivan at the Cleveland Press. We grew up in a different era of

    Washington Post
  • Journalism in the Americas is more dangerous than ever

    Freedom of the press has worsened all over the world in the last year, but nowhere more than in North and South America, according to Reporters Without Borders’ 2019 Index. In Honduras and Venezuela, journalists have fled increasing violence and corruption, while attacks against Brazilian reporters intensified in the wake of far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro’s victory. In the United States, the press continues to face a hostile climate encouraged by President Trump’s anti-media rhetoric. Nicaragua...


  • On the frontline: why has environmental journalism become so dangerous?

    The field of environmental journalism is now one of the most dangerous after war reporting. The investigative reporter Juliette Garside and the global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, discuss why journalists are facing rising levels of violence. And: Polly Toynbee on Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson making it to the final in the Tory leadership race Over the past decade, 13 journalists who were investigating damage to the environment have been killed and many more have suffered violence,...

    the Guardian