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  • US demands S. Korea drastically increase funding for security. Seoul calls move 'unacceptable.'

    South Korea has denounced a U.S. demand for a 50 percent increase in security payments as "unacceptable."What's the background?The United States has kept a military presence in South Korea since the Korean War effectively ended in 1953. The war never technically ended, but an armistice has kept open hostilities to a minimum for the past 63 years. In 2014, the U.S. signed a deal requiring South Korea to pay $850 million per year to the United States. In return, the U.S. would keep 28,500 troops...

  • Needed: A clear foreign policy of progressive realism

    Democrats can’t get caught up in their outrage over the Trump presidency.
  • Another undisclosed missile site found in North Korea; report says there may be as many as 19 more

    Researchers have discovered a secret missile base in North Korea, which could be one out of as many as 20 undisclosed sites in the country, according to a report released Monday. The Beyond Parallel report identified the Sino-ri Missile Operating Base, which has never been declared by Kim Jong Un's regime. Beyond Parallel, a project sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, provides strategic information for policymakers and leaders about Korean unification. "The North...

  • Researchers find 20 secret missile sites in North Korea

    Researchers have discovered as many as 20 undisclosed missile sites in North Korea, including a secret base that houses the headquarters of the rogue regime’s Strategic Rocket Forces, according to a new report. A report by Beyond Parallel, a project sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a defense think tank, identified the

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  • Happy Hour Roundup

    Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.
  • The Trump-Kim February Summit Is Expected to Take Place in Vietnam

    According to people familiar with the plans.