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  • Watch a real hacker hack into Hollywood's hacky hacking scenes

    As with bad sex, most bad hacking scenes in movies and television involve someone needing to announce, “I’m in!” Since not long after people started connecting computers to other computers, Hollywood has been depicting fictional people attempting to use those connections for nefarious means. Naturally, Hollywood has also spent a lot of its time getting those depictions wrong. In the above clip from Wired, security researcher Samy Kamkar assesses a number of famous hacking scenes from TV and film...

  • The World's Biggest Hacking Powers Are Sitting Out Attempts To Bring An End To Hacking

    Most of the world agrees that it's unacceptable to build programs that rapidly shut down computers around the world. But the countries most likely to do it aren't willing to promise not to. View Entire Post ›

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  • Marriott Hack Investigators Eye Chinese Intelligence, Multiple Hacking Groups: Report

    Last week, the Marriott hotel group disclosed that it had been the victim of what's shaping up to be the second biggest data breach of all time. Few details have been made public on who might be responsible for the theft of data from 500 million guest records, but Reuters reports that investigators believe espionage by China is involved. More
  • A Democracy that cannot be Hacked

    In recent weeks, we have seen much hand wringing over the role that Social Media, Special Interests, Fake news, and Foreign Governments have played, in determining the outcomes of our political pro…

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  • Biggest hacks of 2018

    Cambridge Analytica. Russians inside the US electrical grid. 2018 was a scary year for privacy: Let's look back at the most interesting cyberattacks of the year and see what's in store for 2019.

  • What we know -- and you should do -- about the Marriott hack

    As many as 500 million guests may have been affected.

  • Hacking inner peace

    1. Science class The principal calls this a mindful school. Johane Ligondé is effusively warm but with the kind of emotional solidity you'd expect from someone who wakes each morning to manage more than 1,000 kids at the only public midd...

  • Marriott hack blamed on China

    That massive data breach that hit hotel group Marriott? Now there are clues the hackers behind it were working for a Chinese government intelligence gathering operation. Sources familiar with the breach detailed what they know to Reuters: Marriott said last week that a hack that began four years ago had exposed the records of up to 500 million customers in its Starwood hotels reservation system. Private investigators looking into the breach have found hacking tools, techniques and procedures...

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  • Here's What To Do if You Fear You're a Victim of the Marriott Hack

    Quick ways to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

  • Pompeo goes from diplomat to hack

    The secretary of state pens a risible op-ed.
  • How MiSafes watches can be hacked

    Security experts have found serious security flaws in MiSafes watches for children.
  • Traveling for the holidays? Here's how not to get hacked

    Ask Maggie offers some tips on keeping your personal data secure while on the road this holiday season.

  • E-scooters can be hacked. Here's what companies are doing about it.

    It seems almost too easy to steal an electric scooter.  They’re light, only about 30 pounds, and usually aren’t locked to anything, so you can simply lift them and throw them in your car. As long as you don't try to ride one while locked, the alarm shouldn't go off. And a guide on a scooter forum recently spread on Twitter, showing people how a $32 kit from China could be used to rejigger a $500 scooter from Bird into your own personal vehicle.   So why don’t scooter companies seem worried? The...

  • Pompeo says China hacked Marriott

    Marriott announced the hack on Nov. 30 and said the intruders had access to its Starwood chain’s reservation database since 2014.

  • Latest On Marriott Hotel Records Hack

    Chinese intelligence appears to be behind the hack of Marriott hotels that exposed 500 million guest records, according to The New York Times. NPR talks to Glenn Thrush, a reporter on the story.
  • China's hacking against U.S. on the rise

    A senior U.S. intelligence official said on Tuesday that Chinese cyber activity in the United States had risen in recent months, targeting critical infrastructure in what may be attempts to lay the groundwork for future disruptive attacks.

  • Chinese hacking against U.S. on the rise

    A senior U.S. intelligence official warned on Tuesday that Chinese cyber activity in the United States had risen in recent months, and the targeting of critical infrastructure in such operations suggested an attempt to lay the groundwork for future disruptive attacks.
  • Try these hacks for a better, cleaner kitchen

    Good Housekeeping's executive editor, Meaghan Murphy, has an abundance of tips to keep your kitchen looking spotless just in time for the holiday season.

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  • “Ballot Harvesting”: California Hacked Election

    Find out how Democrats steal elections.
  • The PlayStation Classic is ridiculously easy to hack

    YouTuber Retro Gaming Arts has published a video detailing how to access the debug menu.

  • NRCC officials hacked during 2018 election

    The House GOP's campaign arm informed the FBI of the breach, but chose not to disclose it to senior GOP leaders.

  • POLITICO Playbook PM: NRCC hacked

    And Michael Avenatti drops out of contention for the presidency.

  • Marriott says Starwood database hacked

    Marriott International said on Friday that a guest reservation database of its Starwood Hotel brand was breached, potentially exposing information on about 500 million guests.

  • 4 TikTok hacks superstars swear by

    Filipinos spend almost four hours of their day on social media, instantly making the Philippines the world’s social media capital.