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  • Watch a real hacker hack into Hollywood's hacky hacking scenes

    As with bad sex, most bad hacking scenes in movies and television involve someone needing to announce, “I’m in!” Since not long after people started connecting computers to other computers, Hollywood has been depicting fictional people attempting to use those connections for nefarious means. Naturally, Hollywood has also spent a lot of its time getting those depictions wrong. In the above clip from Wired, security researcher Samy Kamkar assesses a number of famous hacking scenes from TV and film...

  • The World's Biggest Hacking Powers Are Sitting Out Attempts To Bring An End To Hacking

    Most of the world agrees that it's unacceptable to build programs that rapidly shut down computers around the world. But the countries most likely to do it aren't willing to promise not to. View Entire Post ›

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  • Italian prosecutors have given up on catching the person who hacked and destroyed Hacking Team

    Hacking Team (previously) was an Italian company that developed cyberweapons that it sold to oppressive government around the world, to be used against their own citizens to monitor and suppress political oppositions; in 2015, a hacker calling themselves "Phineas Fisher" hacked and dumped hundreds of gigabytes' worth of internal Hacking Team data, effectively killing the company. Three years later, the Italian prosecutors who have been chasing Phineas Fisher have given up on unmasking them....

    Boing Boing
  • Marriott Hack Investigators Eye Chinese Intelligence, Multiple Hacking Groups: Report

    Last week, the Marriott hotel group disclosed that it had been the victim of what's shaping up to be the second biggest data breach of all time. Few details have been made public on who might be responsible for the theft of data from 500 million guest records, but Reuters reports that investigators believe espionage by China is involved. More
  • A Democracy that cannot be Hacked

    In recent weeks, we have seen much hand wringing over the role that Social Media, Special Interests, Fake news, and Foreign Governments have played, in determining the outcomes of our political pro…

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  • What we know -- and you should do -- about the Marriott hack

    As many as 500 million guests may have been affected.