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  • This Fortnite Money Laundering Scandal Is A Helpful Reminder That Money Isn't Real

    This Fortnite Money Laundering Scandal Is A Helpful Reminder That Money Isn't Real
  • Hillary's Dark Money Group Relies Heavily on Six Donors and Campaign Money

    The dark money nonprofit launched by Hillary Clinton following her defeat against Donald Trump relied heavily on just six donors and an $800,000 money transfer from her former presidential campaign committee during its first year, according to tax forms provided to the Washington Free Beacon. The post Hillary’s Dark Money Group Relies Heavily on Six Donors and Campaign Money appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

    Washington Free Beacon
  • Sen. Jones: ‘Not going to give wall money just to give wall money’

    The Alabama Democrat insists he’d need more details before opting to vote for a border wall.

  • How Fortnite makes its money

    How Fortnite is making it's money. More than a year after its release, the world is still talking about Fortnite — and for good reason. The battle royale video game played by more than 200 million people is free, but it’s generating a ton of money
  • Money ‘in the Wrong Hands’

    Let’s compare who does more public social good with their money.

  • Kass: Follow The Money

    Authored by Doug Kass via, The Tremor Before the Quake & The Fed’s $450bn Balance Sheet Reduction “The combination of rate hikes and balance sheet reductions from the Federal Reserve in 2018 sucked up global U.S. dollar liquidity and put emerging markets under immense pressure in 2018. Emerging market equities were 20-30% lower from February through October, then the S&P played catch-up to the downside.This, combined with tariffs from the White House, has...

    Zero Hedge
  • The Morality of Fiat Money

    Fiat inflation constantly reduces the purchasing power of money
  • How to save more money in 2019

    Seven resolutions to improve your financial well-being this year.

    NBC News
  • Why Have Arsenal Got No Money and What's Their Plan?

    When Arsene Wenger left Arsenal in May 2018, a new world was supposed to open up for their supporters. The protests could finally end, the predictable nature of the club would shift, and the glory days might return

    Bleacher Report
  • Money: How Its Past Predicts Its Future

    Authored by Claudio Grass via The Mises Institute, What is money, where does it come from and more importantly where does it go? At first glance, it might appear inexplicable and bizarre that our governments and our rulers have managed to keep their stronghold over the monetary system for 2000 years, especially when one thinks about the countless ways in which they abused that power and used their monopoly to the detriment of their own citizens. It was a mass delusion that facilitated this, a...

    Zero Hedge
  • Warrant for Ronaldo's DNA issued

    Las Vegas authorities have sent out a warrant to collect DNA from Cristiano Ronaldo in order to discover if it matches traces found on a dress belonging to Kathryn Mayorga, the woman who has said he raped her in a hotel room in 2009, according to multiple reports.
  • The Issues Republicans Are Afraid to Touch

    Start Making Sense, Jon Wiener Harold Meyerson on politics, Aaron Maté on Russiagate, and Alex Press on Amazon workers. The post The Issues Republicans Are Afraid to Touch appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • How the Successful and Wealthy Think About Their Money

    Take on a few of these habits and transform how you build wealth.

  • Let's Play Follow The Climate Money!

    Authored by Paul Driessen, originally published at The climate crisis industry incessantly claims that fossil fuel emissions are causing unprecedented temperature, climate and weather changes that pose existential threats to human civilization and our planet. The only solution, Climate Crisis, Inc. insists, is to eliminate the oil, coal and natural gas that provide 80% of the energy that makes US and global economies, health and living standards possible. Failing that, CCI demands...

    Zero Hedge
  • Should I pay down debt or save this money?

    The pros and cons for your options for a lump sum of cash. Q. I currently owe about $24,000 on a home equity line of credit (HELOC) and the current interest rate is 4.75 percent. I have a high-yield savings account paying 2 percent. This month I must take my Required Minimum Distribution from my IRA in the amount of $4000. Should I pay it towards my HELOC or deposit it in my savings account? -- Homeowner A. Without knowing the whole of your financial situation,...
  • State Success "Not A Partisan Issue"

    Success for Connecticut in 2019 is not a partisan issue.

    New Haven Independent

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  • Trump has boxed himself in on the wall issue

    The shutdown has made him a shut-in