mud flows Headlines

  • Markets Are All About Flows

    Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, This article looks at prospective supply and demand factors for financial assets in the New Year and beyond. Investors should take into account money flowing into and out of financial assets as well as stock flows, particularly escalating government bond issuance, which looks likely to accelerate significantly in the coming years. It adds up to the fundamental case for physical gold and silver. At this time of year, the thoughtful soul...

    Zero Hedge
  • Topological quantities flow

    Topology is an emerging field within many scientific disciplines, even leading to a Nobel Physics Prize in 2016. Leiden physicist Marcello Caio and his colleagues have now discovered the existence of topological currents in analogy to electric currents. Their research is published in Nature Physics.
  • The Mud on Gillette’s Face

    Their #MeToo ad called on men to be better but ended up doing them a disservice.

    The American Conservative
  • Visualizing Dubious Spelling with Flow Diagrams

    Colin Morris recently analyzed a corpus of comments from Reddit for misspellings by searching for words near uncertainty indicators like “(sp?)”. Among the words that provoked the most doubt were Kaepernick, comradery, adderall, Minaj, seizure, Galifianakis, loogie, and Gyllenhaal. Morris then used a Sankey diagram to visualize how people misspelled “Gyllenhaal” in different ways (with the arrow thickness denoting the frequency of each spelling): Tag yourself! (I’m probably on the yellow “LL”...
  • 'Schitt's Creek' Flows Smoothly Into Season 5

    The characters have grown, their relationships — to each other, and to viewers — have deepened, the writing's sharp and the actors are having a ball. Dive in.
  • Review: Real and emotional prisons flow through ‘No Mercy’

    “No Mercy” (Minotaur), by Joanna Schaffhausen Prisons come in various forms, as Joanna Schaffhausen shows in her second outstanding novel, “No Mercy.” There are the mortar-and-brick prisons in which criminals are housed, such as the