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  • Analysis: In Charlottesville, hate didn't win

    More than a year after James Fields drove his car into pedestrians opposing the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer, we can take solace knowing that not only was justice served but that a jury of individuals, representing the American people, were willing to stand up for what was right -- and condemn what was wrong, writes Page Pate

  • Behind the Supreme Court’s Dodge

    Three Justices rebuke Kavanaugh and Roberts for ducking a big case.

  • Theresa May Hangs On

    But Britain’s Parliament keeps grasping for a Brexit plan.

  • The Flynn Entrapment

    A court filing shows the ugly tactics employed by James Comey’s FBI.

  • The Global Swamp

    Donald Trump should export MAGA caps to Macron’s France and May’s England.

  • Tehran Counts on a Divided West

    The Trump administration must persuade Democrats and foreign allies to counter the regime’s aggression.