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  • I visited the first cannabis cafe in the US, and found it's so much more than just a place to get high

    Tallie Spencer America's first-ever legal cannabis cafe opened in Los Angeles, California, in October.  The Original Cannabis Cafe, formerly called the Lowell Cafe, allows customers to order food, sip on nonalcoholic beverages, and legally consume marijuana all in one place.  The cafe features a lunch and dinner menu, as well as a cannabis menu made up of edibles, pre-rolled joints, and more.  Insider visited the Original Cannabis Cafe, and spoke to executive chef and partner Andrea...

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  • I tried Starbucks' new Irish Cream Cold Brew, and it's already my favorite holiday drink

    Anneta Konstantinides/Insider Starbucks released its brand new holiday drink, the Irish Cream Cold Brew, on Tuesday.  The drink features Starbucks' new Irish cream syrup, along with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and a dusting of cocoa powder on top.  I did a taste test of the limited-edition drink, Starbucks' first iced holiday drink in the US since 2017, and absolutely loved it.  The Irish Cream Cold Brew tastes like caffeinated hot cocoa, and is just sweet enough that it can still be enjoyed...

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  • After 1 year with Apple's latest MacBook Air, I remain convinced it's worth the high price tag (AAPL)

    Hollis Johnson/Business Insider The new MacBook Air is a gorgeous, incredibly thin device that feels extraordinary to use. After spending the last year with the 2018 MacBook Air as my personal laptop (Apple gave it a slight update in 2019), I'm convinced it's still the best laptop money can buy. Whether it's worth its high price tag is a personal decision, but for me the laptop is beyond worth what I paid. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple's flagship laptop — the...

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  • Mayor approves overhauling Boston’s marijuana review process

    Boston’s mayor has approved an overhaul of the city’s marijuana business review process meant to boost involvement of minority entrepreneurs in Massachusetts’ burgeoning pot industry.

  • I spent 4 days on the longest train ride in North America and I wouldn't hesitate to do the entire 96-hour trip again

    I traveled for four days on the longest train journey in North America, which takes passengers between Toronto and Vancouver. The ride took a little more than 96 hours to complete, which included about 10 stops and the time we spent waiting for freight trains to pass us. I was nervous about being alone on a train for so long (without WiFi!) but I discovered that my worrying was for nothing.  There were plenty of sights to see, people to meet, activities to participate in, and cabins to...

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  • 17 Outdoors Gift Ideas for Camping, Hiking, and More

    They love the outdoors, but their gear might be dragging them down. Let them enjoy venturing outside again with these gift ideas.