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  • US Farmers Continue to Like President Trump

    So much of the “news” “reporting” – and the thinking of ‘The Smart People’ – on agriculture here in the US has a similar pall cast upon it. These Swamp Creatures allege President Donald Trump has been atrocious to – and for – our farmers.  They then – in shocked and stunned fashion – again and again comment upon the fact our farmers continue to | Read More

  • Your Online Data? Government Should Lightly Regulate Everyone Equally

    One of the more interesting aspects of the Internet revolution and evolution – has been tracking average Americans’ learning curve on what actually makes the Internet work. Your data – is mostly what makes the Internet work.  The old saw is: “If something on the Internet is ‘free’ – you’re the product.” Which means: Internet companies collect your data – and use it to sell | Read More

  • We Need More Less Government Types Working with Donald Trump

    We are in the Age of Donald Trump.  Which means we are saddled with a small but pernicious cabal known as Never Trump. Never Trumpers are for the most part not Leftists.  Leftists have been Never – forever. Never Trumpers are almost every elected Republican – in DC, and much of the nation.  Because almost every elected Republican – in | Read More

  • Big Pharma’s Cancer Race

    After tax reform, companies invest in innovation rather than tax arbitrage.

  • Let's Continue to Ignore the Perpetually Wrong 'Smart People' on Trade

    The “Smart People” have been oh-so-wrong about oh-so-many things regarding Candidate cum President Donald Trump. It is particularly interesting to examine just how wrong The Smart People have been about President Trump’s trade policies.  Because it is via his trade policies – that oh-so-many of the Smart People’s dumbnesses have come to further light. Trump campaigned on how dumb The Smart People’s trade polices have | Read More

  • What Are the Income Tax Brackets for 2018?

    Many taxpayers will be in a lower tax bracket when they file their 2018 tax return. However, the marriage penalty could still burn high-income couples.