train law Headlines

  • P2.30 price hike for diesel

    Another major fuel price hike takes effect today – the second in two weeks this month – in step with rising crude costs in the world market. by Danessa Rivera
  • 444 gas stations found imposing higher tax

    Over 400 gas stations have already imposed additional excise tax on fuel products as the Department of Energy continues to monitor the industry for the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law’s proper implementation. by Danessa Rivera
  • ‘Latest oil price hike not yet due to TRAIN’

    Oil companies are increasing pump prices today due to higher prices in the world market and not yet because of the second tranche of excise tax on fuel under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law. by Danessa Rivera
  • Good news, bad news on first week of 2019

    And the latest good news is a new round of big-time oil price rollback projected this weekend at the earliest. by Marichu A. Villanueva
  • ‘With fuel tax hike, workers face tough 2019’

    Workers see tougher times in 2019 as the second phase of the controversial tax reform package – which takes effect today – threatens to further push up prices of fuel and basic goods and hurt employment. by Mayen Jaymalin