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  • Space weather can be trying for Arctic regions – new technique aids space weather forecasting

    Researchers at Aalto University have developed a new technique which can be used for analysing fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field. The method presented in the Space Weather journal was used to study magnetic field changes in different years and at different times of the day and different latitudes.
  • Amid a legal fight in LA, IBM’s Weather Company launches hyperlocal weather forecasts globally

    While IBM is getting sued by the city of Los Angeles, accusing it of covertly mining user data in the Weather Channel app in the US, it’s testing the waters for another hyperlocal weather feature that — coincidentally — relies on data that it picks up from sensors on app users’ smartphones, among other devices, [

  • BBC weather forecaster dead after battle with cancer

    One of the BBC’s longest-serving weather forecasters died suddenly this week after a battle with cancer, according to a new report. Dianne Oxberry, 51, died at the Christie Hospital in Manchester Thursday morning, the BBC reported. Oxberry joined BBC North West Tonight as a weather presenter in 1994 and was also the face of its

    New York Post
  • UK weather: Latest Met Office forecast

    Watch the latest UK weather forecast from the Independent for today.
  • New tool improves global weather forecasts

    This is an Inside Science story. This week at the annual trade show of the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas, known as CES, a team from IBM and The Weather Company introduced a new global weather forecasting system that promises to improve forecasting ability in many parts of the world

    ABC News
  • Hurricane, weather forecasting made tough by shutdown

    Though hurricane season runs from June through November, it is during the "off-season" when forecasters and researchers refine and improve their forecasting models, methods and techniques, allowing forecasters to enhance the accuracy of storm predictions. With the partial government shutdown in its third week, and no end in sight, much of the research and development the National Hurricane Center relies on to improve hurricane forecasts is in jeopardy, along with badly needed upgrades to the...