Headlines on 2019-10-22

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have broken protocol by promoting their documentary while William and Kate were on tour

    ITV, CNN Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released emotional clips from their new documentary at the same time as Prince William and Kate Middleton's tour of Pakistan last week. As Kate Middleton spoke to CNN in her first ever TV interview since becoming a royal, clips from Markle's own interview with ITV were released, showing her talking about her struggle to cope with the media attention as a new mom. "There is an unwritten rule in the royal family that you don't do anything too high profile...

    Business Insider
  • Census Bureau Struggles To Add Staff For 2020's Census

    The federal government hopes to hire around half a million workers by next spring to complete the 2020 census. But it's running into trouble with low unemployment and background-check delays.

  • The White Cliffs of Brexit

    The small, seaside town of Dover, where little more than 30,000 people live, has an outsized significance in Great Britain’s national psyche. The sprawling eleventh-century castle that overlooks the town is the largest in England, while the White Cliffs of Dover, rising from the sea, are the nation’s definitive natural landmark. Across centuries, they have stood as a symbol for the nation’s dream-self: bold, defiant, and eternal, both a window onto the world and a wall against foreign threats....

    The New Republic
  • The Pixel 4 Wins By Being More Human

    Some phones look to impress with an abundance of tech, while others promise simplicity and a tightly knit ecosystem. But when it comes to Pixel phones, Google leans on its expertise in software. Last year, it felt like things finally came together on the Pixel 3 thanks to features like Night Sight, Call Screen, Now Playing song identification and more. But for the new Pixel 4, Google has put a twist on its typical software-first approach by creating a smartphone that responds to you less like a...

  • News Brief: Northern Syria, Impeachment Inquiry, Canadian Election

    The U.S. is likely to keep some troops in northern Syria. The acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine is to testify in the impeachment inquiry. Justin Trudeau wins a second term as Canada's prime minister.

  • WeWork has reportedly postponed thousands of layoffs because it's too broke to pay workers severance

    WeWork is thought to be in danger of running out of cash within a month if it doesn't get new funding soon. It had planned to cut jobs to save money.

  • 'I Am Back': How Bernie Sanders' Revolution Is Proving Resilient

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been scrutinized for his age and his health, but his campaign has proven remarkably durable in the last week.

  • Cavitex C5 Link Expressway to start toll collection on October 24

    The Cavitex-C5 Link Expressway is set to collect toll fees starting October 24.

  • Astros And Nationals Set To Face Off As World Series Starts Tuesday In Houston

    The Astros won their second pennant in three years and hope to cement themselves as one of the best teams of the decade. The Nationals are making their first-ever Series appearance.

  • Deborah Levy’s Time Warp

    Deborah Levy’s The Man Who Saw Everything begins with a subtle instant of subversion. It is September 1988 and a 28-year-old man named Saul Adler has come to London’s Abbey Road to have his photo taken at the zebra crossing where the Beatles posed for their iconic album cover. The site has been a tourist destination for years. Saul, however, is no tourist; he is a British academic, preparing to travel to East Berlin. The photograph, to be taken by his girlfriend Jennifer Moreau, is meant for his...

    The New Republic
  • James Charles mocked YouTuber band the Dobre Brothers with a parody video of their miserable meet and greet

    James Charles mocked a meet a greet event by fellow YouTuber group the Dobre Brothers. In a video that went viral earlier in October, the Dobre Brothers barely looked up or smiled when a young fan posed for a photo with them. Charles responded to the tweet saying "what the actual f--- is this," then posted a video from his own meet and greet a couple of weeks later. He used the same apology statement as the Dobre Brothers, and pretended to be stony faced and miserable when a fan walked in. Then...

    Business Insider
  • Vizio M-Series Quantum 4K UHD smart TV review: Great color, good features, moderate HDR

    Vizio’s M-Series Quantum is one of those more affordable TVs with outstanding color that I’ve been warning Samsung and Sony about. It delivers very good image quality, especially for the price (at press time, the 65-inch-class M658-G1 I reviewed was going for $748 at Amazon), though HDR isn’t quite as impressive as it is on the competing Hisense H8F. Also, for some reason, Vizio doesn’t offer motion compensation or Bluetooth. Regardless, this is an excellent TV for the money, and it should be on...