Headlines on 2019-02-19

  • The Documentary Is In, And Enjoying An 'Undeniable Golden Age'

    With a proliferation of streaming services to distribute their work, and a boom at the box office, budgets and opportunities are rising for documentary filmmakers.

  • Trump Officials Tried To Rush Nuclear Technology To Saudis, House Panel Finds

    Whistleblowers told the Oversight committee that efforts by some national security officials to try to transfer sensitive nuclear technology to the Saudi government potentially violated the law.

  • Patrick Reusse: Twins coach Stu Cliburn navigates Venezuelan political climate

    Stu Cliburn was first involved with the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League as a 23-year-old pitcher for Caracas Leones in the winter of 1980-81. The manager was supposed to be Jim Leyland, but he quit early in the season, was replaced temporarily by Mark DeJohn, and then Venezuela's first short-stopping legend, Chico Carrasquel, to close out the season.

  • How One Branch Of Government Can Sue Another

    NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Stanley Brand, former general counsel for the House of Representatives, about what would happen if the House were to sue over President Trump's national emergency.

  • Wall Street loves these 11 stocks right now

    Wall Street's sell-side analysts publish piles of bullish and bearish recommendations every day. TipRanks, a website that tracks and ranks analyst recommendations, collects notes from thousands of analysts. TipRanks issued a list of stocks that got the most "buy" ratings in the last week. Wall Street's sell-side analysts publish piles of recommendations on which stocks to buy, sell, and hold. To help investors get a sense of the Street's most-loved stocks at the moment, TipRanks, a website...

    Business Insider
  • Bernie Sanders Enters 2020 Presidential Campaign, No Longer An Underdog

    The Vermont independent became an ideological leader in the Democratic Party after his 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton. He faces a far more crowded and liberal field this time.